Dear Willem de Kooning Academy!

This webpage is a “curated portfolio” and
contains some of my recent projects.
For the detailed information about each of
them, please, click on the picture next to the title.
To see the full website with more works,
please, click my name on top of this page.

I am happy to share these with you,
and looking forward to hearing from you!


The great purge plate. (2016)

The plate, designed in memory of The Great Purge — the period of the most massive political (Stalins) repressions in the USSR in

Pirosmani’s Universe. (ongoing)

A narrative pixel adventure game, based on the biography of Niko Pirosmani (1862–1918).

Drawings from Georgia. (2017–2018)

A series of graphic works from Georgia, inspired by its cultural heritage.



Audio monument - B.R. (2018)

A sounding metal sculpture, made in memory of the poet Boris Ryzhy (1974–2001).


Dedushka. (2018)

A text about my grandfather, and several ideas, emerging from it.


Tails of tales. (ongoing)

A light object, inspired by the recent trip to Georgia and explorations of its abandoned spaces.
In particular, the town of Tsqaltubo, which has been inhabited by refugees from Abkhazia for the last 27 years.


Graphic works from different years.